4. It’s been that way since 

“It's been this way since” seeks to question the relevance of a national collection during a time of crisis. Disrupt the Eurocentric narrative of these works, question the role and relationship of the institution to queer bodies and challenge western cultural hierarchy. The work  was created as part of an online show “Speaking in tounges” developed in a partnership with The National Gallery, London’s Learning & National Programmes.

All of the dancers within the work are part of Harpies the UK’S first LGBTQI+ Strip Club (@harpiesinthesky). These dancers are currently hosting live streams of dances every Friday and can be supported financially via PayPal here - https://www.paypal.com/pools/c/8o9hm6jsaU

All of the dancers created their own content at home during the pandemic. A huge thank you to Taboo, Lucia Blayke, Chiyo and Oliver Charles Christian for contributing to the work.