2. Hecatoncheires / There is beauty in the line of the scar

This project was born out of Fayann’s text “There is beauty in the line of the scar”. I began to think about what this meant in relation to queerness and I started thinking about how queer bodies are sites for change and transformation. The creature Hecatonchires in greek mythology is an agent of change, a many armed beast that even the gods fear. I’ve been exploring dystopian aesthetics for a while and how these aesthetics filter our way of perceiving particular power ideologies. I’m interested in reclaiming these aesthetics and what that means for how we visualize power. It’s also a kind of mockery of the powerful, and their anxiety’s around queerness—their fantastical and ridiculous imagined futures. Hecatonchires is a creature of change and mutability, and if queerness is anything, it is mutability.

Hecatoncheires collaboration piece between myself and Fayann Smith - - model - @dastansatoshi and photographed by @sweatmother for the new issue of @thiiirdmagazine.  

Thanks to everyone who was involved and the team at Thiird for giving us this opportunity. Photography- 35 mm film, Flag 2021